Here is what some of our customers have had to say about B&R Enterprises:

“It is very evident that Tom has an incomprehensible amount of knowledge regarding every aspect of residential construction methods. Throughout the inspection process, Tom was eager to share his knowledge in an easy to understand fashion. Since this was my first home purchase, I was a bit apprehensive in choosing a home inspector for the fear that he might mislead me. Tom, however, is so straightforward and honest that my fears were immediately assuaged. Tom is also very professional, friendly, courteous, and easy to work with.

He was compassionate when I had to cancel my appointment with him at the last minute to take care of my sick son. He also spent as much time as I felt necessary going over all aspects of the house answering my questions and resolving my qualms. The information that Tom brought forth both verbally and in his 43 page color report, made my home buying experience enjoyable. I would not have gained this knowledge if I had not had Tom inspect this house. I cannot stress enough what a positive experience I had in dealing with Tom Blythe. I will definitely recommend him and B&R Enterprises to anyone buying a house.”
-Glenda L. | Sacramento, CA

“Tom, I feel extremely fortunate to have dealt with you. Here’s what I tell my friends when they ask me who to choose a home inspector : ”Extra Mile” Service – On one house you inspected for me, you squeezed yourself through a very small hole to inspect the crawl space, and an even smaller hole to inspect the attic. You worked late into the night to produce a stunningly detailed report the next day. You answered a bunch of follow-up questions even after you gave me your report and had been paid. All of these are examples of how you give a level of service that is unfortunately rare in today’s economy.

Paradigm Reports – I have seen the reports prepared by other inspectors. Compared to yours, they are like finger-paints compared to the Mona Lisa. Your reports go through each area of a house and describe in detail the problems you have found. The report includes pictures of the problems and even recommendations on how some flaws need to be corrected. Based on your report, I was able to make an equally detailed offer to the owner of the house you inspected. I adjusted the price to what I thought was fair and asked for repairs that would take care of the hidden flaws your report demonstrated. When the owner declined my offer, I felt as though I managed to avoid a “money pit” thanks to you.

Exceptional Professionalism – When dealing with other contractors, I have had the unpleasant experience of having to wait for them to come when they said they would and have had them wind up charging me much more than I expected. By contrast, you were on time and billed me exactly what you had bid, even though the property turned out to have more challenges than you expected. Recently, you bent over backwards to work through a scheduling problem on another house. Your bottom line took a hit, but you treated me fairly and with grace.

In conclusion, I won’t even bid on a house until you have inspected it. I give you the highest possible recommendation. I am confident that you will have many years of success.”
-Sincerely, Elliot G. | Sonoma, CA

“I will recommend B&R Enterprises to anyone who is purchasing a new home. A++”
-Lisa V. | Winters, CA

“We called B&R Enterprises for our inspection service needs because of their extensive reputation. Not only was the website full of information but Tom and his team were extremely professional. If you’re looking for a first class inspection service, B&R Enterprises should be your first call! Computerized reports, web access, professionalism and “know-how” make B&R Enterprises the only home inspection company that we’ll ever use.”
-Dave R. | San Rafael, CA

“It’s not very often that you find a company whose customer service goes above and beyond your expectations. You were extremely professional, friendly, and thorough in your inspection. I will definitely recommend your company in the future.”
-J. Thourup | Fairfield, CA

“We are Germans – we have very high expectations – all of which you have exceeded! From the covers over the inspector’s shoes, the thoroughness of his work, the professionalism, the courtesy, the advice to the equipment and report – it was just perfect – your company is outstanding!!!”
-T. Schmeider | Napa, CA

“You were very thorough, yet finished in a timely manner. You were very professional, very polite & helpful. He helped make what could have been an unpleasant & apprehensive situation a very easy, comfortable & pleasant process.  I was also very impressed with the care & respect you displayed for the present owner’s property. We will definitely refer you to friends and family & intend to use your services in our future endeavors.”
-M. Ferguson | Vacaville, CA

“I just wanted you to know your work resulted in a re-negotiation of the contract and provided me with the leverage to get over $3,200 in price concessions from the seller to fix the problems you found.  Your fee was the best $350 I spent in this whole process.  You did a great job and I more than got my money’s worth.  Thank you!”
-B. Stanley | Vacaville, CA

“Your inspection was awesome! We learned a lot and had the most thorough inspection that could possibly be done. Be looking forward to a call from us on the next house we buy!”
-P. Sanchez | Suisun, CA

“I really want to thank everyone at B & R Inspection Services for making my experience such a wonderful one. Brandy, thank you for keeping me updated every step of the way. I want to thank your company for doing such a wonderful job. Thank you for answering all of my questions. I will recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you.”

-B. Beurgeron | San Pablo, CA

“Thank you for your dedication to detail, as it saved me from purchasing a home I would have had to put at least another $25,000 in. The house appeared in pretty good shape but your inspector found things they had painted over, i.e. dry rot, Masonite siding. Since this is my first experience purchasing a home on my own (my husband did all the checking before and passed away 10 years ago) I can’t tell you how relieved I am your inspector found all the big problems as I would have been in REALLY big trouble. I have since put a bid on another home and want your company to do the inspection as well as a pre-inspection on the home I now own. I will call you for an appointment on my present home and my agent will get in touch with you if they accept my offer. Again, I can’t thank you enough for your help.”
-D. Gansales | Richmond, CA

“Your inspector was very helpful and extremely nice. We will use you again and we have already referred your company to one of our family members.”
-K. Gately | Fairfield, CA

“This is the most thorough report I have ever received on property that I planned to buy. Thank you for excellent service!”

-A. Johnsen | Dixon, CA

“Your inspector went beyond expectations; he not only answered our questions but also took time to show us areas that were in his report. He didn’t rush but instead took time to help in every way possible. Being retired teachers, we both give your inspector an A+ grade!”
-C. Suchman | Vacaville, CA

“I appreciated the detailed inspection report with photos on the same day as the inspection. Your inspector was very thorough and all findings were included in the report. Thank you.”
-A. Jolle | Pleasant Hill, CA

“Your inspector as well as the report was ‘head and shoulders’ superior to the inspector and report I received on the house I was selling.  (The other company was *******)”
-V Lazich | Concord, CA

“Thank goodness for the level of expertise your inspector possesses and was able to share. He saved me from making a LARGE bad purchase! Will definitely be calling you again!”
-A. Jarrard | Martinez, CA

“Your inspector did the inspection for the buyers of our home & we liked him and the report so much we called him to inspect the home we are purchasing. He looked up some info that was very helpful for us. He did a great job and was very knowledgeable.”
-C. Dixon | Vallejo, CA

“I received the report and thank you. I have bought and sold many homes and never have I received this thorough of an inspection. Again, thank you so much.”

-S. Rota | Benicia, CA

“Your inspector was patient and courteous. He helped with all my questions, spent a long time with each area of the house and made me feel confident in the purchase of this house. Thank you.”
-N. Thompson | Rio Vista, CA

“Your inspector made me feel very comfortable about the inspection and even more excited about our new home.”
-R. Bluemel | Stockton, CA

“Wow! What a thorough report! I am so impressed by the attention to detail! All I saw was pretty cabinets and a nice floor plan! Your inspection was money extremely well spent. Thank you very much! I have emailed the report to the sellers and we will hopefully have satisfactory negotiations next week.”
-E. Landwehr | West Sacramento, CA

“Thanks for your follow up email and immediate response. The pleasure was all mine, and I have already referred my sister to your company. Tom was definitely an expert in the field. He was timely, informative and very comprehensive. I especially appreciate the critical safety concerns discovered and the comprehensive report delivered in hand, onsite and at the end of the inspection.”
-C. Selmar | Sacramento, CA

“Mr. Blythe, I want to tell you that it was quite fortuitous that I did retain your company’s services. Your inspection turned out to be critically important; the mold that he found did end up being toxic. I would have had great risk to my health and the health of my friends and family living there and also great risk to the asset value of the property. Had you not found it, I would not have known to look for and test for it and would have ended up making a very unwise purchase.

I cannot thank you and your company enough for outstanding work. I am very glad that my agent recommend you so highly. I have indeed forwarded recommendations of my own to my coworkers and friends and hope they will retain your services as well. I am in the negotiations phase of another property and will absolutely be in need of your services.

I look forward to doing business with you again. We will contact you shortly. Thanks again.”
-A. Austin | Suisun, CA

“I was very impressed by the professionalism shown by your company. He was right on time and did an outstanding job checking everything in the house. You went as far as showing me how to care and function some of the devices around the house. You were very patient in answering all my questions. I would definitely recommend your services to friends and family.”
-M. Orlando | Vallejo, CA