Home inspections differ from pest inspections in numerous ways. A pest inspection is required by banks and lending institutions as a protective measure to ensure that homes are not damaged from termites or other wood-destroying insects before closing a sale. A Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report (WDIIR) is a document prepared by a licensed pest control business that informs the lending institution and buyer about termite damage or presence.

By contrast, a home inspection is primarily concerned with the mechanical and structural health of the property and entails a detailed review of all major components from the foundation to the roof, electrical, plumbing, and heating systems. A home inspection helps a buyer or seller look past the outward appearance of the home which is often misleading as far as the home’s structural and mechanical soundness. A home inspection evaluates the hidden components that can go unnoticed by the untrained eyes of most real estate agents and homeowners. An experienced home inspector will typically have many years experience and expertise in the construction fields and will be able to point out and diagnose problem areas that are not up to code, costly, dangerous, or problematic. The home inspection report can often uncover costly defects in the property, regardless of the property’s sound outward appearance.

In short, having a property inspection is like taking a car to a mechanic to have it checked out before you buy it. Would you buy a car without knowing it’s structural and mechanical soundness? To invest in a house, is a much larger investment, making the inspection even more prudent. Should you be present during the inspection? We absolutely recommend that you be present during the home inspection. Consider it your opportunity to “check under the hood" of your new home. It is an ideal time to find out where and how to turn off the “mains" to the gas, water, and electrical supply to the house in case of an emergency! The inspector can also answer questions on items that are addressed in the report so you will better understand it.
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