Your new home is a substantial investment for you. Protecting your investment with regular personal or professional care and maintenance is critical to proper functioning and continued up keep. The following is a list of home maintenance to help you in this endeavor.

On a Monthly Basis:

  • Inspect the furnace filters.
  • Inspect, clean or replace kitchen vent hood filters.
  • Flush all toilets and run water through all sinks, especially in the bathrooms that are not used on a regular basis.
  • Check and clean dryer vent.

On a Quarterly Basis:

  • Check the exterior drainage conditions to ensure that nothing is causing water to stand in puddles for more that 24 hours and that water from any source is not draining toward the foundation.
  • Check all GFCI’s by tripping the circuit interrupter button and then resetting them.
  • Clean/lubricate all exterior vents. Make sure that air flows freely and that each has an operable damper to prevent back flow of outside air and to keep small animals from entering the house.
  • Inspect the attic area for obstructed roof vents and signs of rodents. Level out blown insulation, as needed.
  • Inspect and clean all window weep holes for water drainage.
  • Replace the furnace filter.

On a Seasonal Basis:

  • Every 6 months, inspect and service the heating or air conditioning system, depending on the season.
  • Twice a year, inspect and repair the following caulked areas, as needed;
    1. Kitchen and bath wet areas.
    2. Exterior flashings.
    3. Window and door seals.
    4. Around all penetrations (hose, faucets, ductwork from vents, fireplace and chimney vents).
    5. Vinyl, aluminum, wood siding.
    6. Stucco or mortar cracks.
    7. Interior settling or shrinkage, drywall cracks.
  • Inspect sump pump (if applicable). Clean the pump screen and sump of soil and debris.
  • Clean and repair gutters. Install splash blocks, as needed, to direct water away from the house. Seal the interior of gutters with “Rust-O-Leum” or equal.
  • Inspect the sprinkler system. Reset timers for the proper season.
  • Clean fireplace glass.
  • Clean and inspect the chimney system after each cord of wood is burned.
  • Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors when clocks are set forward or backward.
  • Clean and seal granite counter tops.

On an Annual Basis:

  • Drain and refill hot water heater.
  • Inspect and test the hot water heater safety valve.
  • Inspect the garage door rails and lock system. Adjust and lubricate, as necessary. Change the garage door opener code as a security precaution.
  • Clean faucet aerators and inspect plumbing at sinks and toilets for leaks.
  • Clean and sharpen your garbage disposal by running a tray of ice cubes and depositing a cleaning (foaming) product into the disposal.
  • Inspect or have your fire extinguishers tested.
  • Replace batteries in the smoke detectors.
  • Check roof vents for birds nests or beehives.
  • Vacuum the coils behind the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Seal all grout (clean, if needed, prior to sealing grout).
  • Touch up peeling – Chipped paint.
  • Prune trees, as needed, to prevent damage to roofing, siding, window screens.
  • Visually inspect the perimeter foundation for cracks. Check for cracks/irregularity in the driveway, sidewalk, patio surfaces.
  • Repair fences/gates as needed.
  • Check door weather-stripping.
  • Verify there are no holes in the foundation vents to prevent entry of rodents into to the sub-area.

Safety Systems:

  • Test smoke alarms monthly. Replace batteries every 6 months.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy for use in the kitchen and near any wood burning stove or fireplace.
  • Keep flashlights maintained for emergency use. (Replace batteries, as needed).
  • Keep outside security lighting in good repair. Good lighting helps discourage prowlers.