Why bother running the laundry, kitchen and bathroom exhaust ducts to the exterior when you have this convenient furnace flue to connect them to.

This propeller was found in the floor space to move air from a wood stove. It was running when I was searching for a noise that no one could explain. I almost lost fingers.

Okay, MacGyver, you don’t have anything on this homeowner who fixed his toilet valve with a binder clip, some twine & a spork.

Are these black pipes supposed to be attached to something inside the house?? This is a three-year-old house by a local builder. It must have been a Friday afternoon job by the plumber who was in a hurry to get to happy hour. Just another day of fun in the inspection business.

How many ways can you improperly wire a subpanel box?

Why use a tin pie plate to cover the hole in the chimney when you can use the farmer’s straw hat?

Do you think this is what the civic inspector had in mind when insisting that the electrical panel be labeled? waterheater.jpg This 100-gallon electric water heater was built in March of 1938 and is still delivering hot water like it was built yesterday! This is one of those treasures you run across every once in awhile.

“I lost the draft hood, but I’ve got plenty of duct tape . . .” It was one of many defects found in that home.

This 100-gallon electric water heater was built in March of 1938 and is still delivering hot water like it was built yesterday! This is one of those treasures you run across every once in awhile.

I guess the homeowner didn’t trust his own plumbing repair (complete with doorknob and milk carton).

Decided to do the dishes in the bathtub.

The waterfront home had recently been extensively remodeled. There is a new kitchen with top-of-the-line equipment. When I was in the attic, I found the vent pipe from the kitchen range hood not connected to the roof vent pipe. The home was built in 1968, and no building permits were issued for this work.

A poor man’s urinal.

This old chimney needs to see a brick mason real soon!

Sure, we can put a window there! All we need to do is remove the post from under that big beam and then nail a 2×6 to the wall so the beam doesn’t fall down.

Whoops! Who moved the house?

Among other things, the water heater exhaust pipe is supposed to slope upward toward the chimney and it must be well clear of those combustible wood studs and secured together with screws, not tape. Some people are never satisfied!

Someone must have told the homeowner that when he disconnected the drain line from the dishwasher, he should “plug” the opening in the disposal. So, he used a spark plug, of course.

I think you call this 1-1⁄2 layers of shingles. Apparently, they only re-shingled the worst area.

I have seen many pool pump systems, but this one can make you dizzy trying to figure out which way the water is flowing. I hope the pump doesn’t have to be changed anytime soon. The only access is to remove the connected maze of pipes.

“Babe, I think we are going to need to trade in the minivan for a 4×4.”

So, is the cottage cheese container holding up the shelf or is the the shelf holding the cottage cheese container tight so sewer gas does not escape? Or is it both?

The homeowner wanted a shower in a half-bath, but didn’t want to cut the concrete slab and add the drain. Next best thing? Build the shower around the toilet.

It is physically impossible for the buyer to get through that scuttle hole.

That hanger was “just” long enough! The bungee cord “hanger” was actually holding up the 3”-sewer line.

Could not help but notice “the hot seat” next to the live power feed to the house while doing the roof inspection. The seller said he enjoyed partying on his rooftop escape. I wonder if he used the wires for his drink holder.

I just inspected a house and thought I would submit these photos of a chimney in an attic area. The chimney does not look too bad on the outside, but how about when seen from the inside?

New meaning to bottled water: baby jars hung under leaking pipes (100+/-year-old house) with galvanized wire. Those old Yankees in New England never throw anything away and use everything. We won’t mention the electrical wiring, end-joist slippage or the main beam issues.

Always remember to check water fountains in a home. Has anyone else stood over one of these the first time and turned the water too high?

The homeowner cut an air return vent into the furnace air return duct to draw the cold air out of the furnace room, but it is less than 24" from the open vent hood for the gas water heater. CO could easily be sucked into the air return and spread through the home. The tinfoil around the vent where it entered the chimney was also ineffective at the least.

The furnace had a coffee can of potpourri sitting in it to sort of, maybe, perhaps, hide the odor. It was innovative, but did not work.

Sometimes, my job is just creepy. I found this in a main electrical panel. The first thing I thought was: “Honey, why are the lights flickering? I don’t know, but what are you cooking?"

Maybe this is a crippled eave and needs a crutch for support?

This is a photo of an illegal bypass at an electrical service that had the meter removed for non payment. The homeowner figured out a way to bypass the system and not pay his delinquent bill or a reconnect charge.

I usually do not inspect fencing around the back yard, but when they used the wrong size nails to attach all the wood slats and they protruded over an inch, I felt like I was deep-sea fishing and wanted to hang up a few red snappers.

This shower was called out as a safety issue, as it had exterior floodlights in it.

The shower enclosure was a little dark. The new light works great.

Just when you think you have seen it all … This new “sideways" trap installation allows for much more storage under the sink, as long as you don’t mind a little sewer gas smell!

You’ll need to sit sideways to use the toilet and long legs to get to the shower, but there’s a great view of the den from the toilet while you think to yourself – planning is everything.

Is this “guaranteed" air circulation? This register setup was found in a home with ‘other’ heating issues.

Do those pesky circuit breakers keep tripping? Just remove them.

There is no trap on one side of kitchen sink, T-fitting upside down on right side, mystery substance used in place of PVC cement.

Let’s see … that extension cord goes to? Hmm … why is it arcing? LOL. This is information to act as a placeholder until the owner can put in real information.

This receptacle installation is the only wiring in a 1920s garage.

Found: Ranger Rick. Watch it out there, guys and gals. This one wasn’t happy.

Now, this is what I call an uncommon flue. How do you get two new vent flues from the basement to the roof? Just install them inside the old flue.

The many uses of milk crates!

This LP tank is being used in the house to operate a gas stove. WOW!

Basement toilet seat is approximately 48” above the floor. Hand rails are recommended.

If you think this looks bad, you should have seen the rest of the house.

Here’s a set of stairs you don’t see every day. This one leads up to a loft office.