With the exorbitant price of property today, it is IMPERATIVE that you know the qualifications unique to the individual professional inspector who you will ultimately be selecting to look out for your financial, health, and safety interests in the purchase. Remember, you are not simply purchasing or comparing prices of a commodity, such as a television set, which will vary from retailer-to-retailer only by price. Prudent buyers of real estate are comparing and ultimately “purchasing" the individual knowledge, experience, technical and communication skills of the professional inspector they will be working with. It should be noted that these skill traits will vary dramatically, from inspector to inspector.

Proceed with caution when calling larger multi-inspector firms. Typically,inspection-scheduling requests are taken by a receptionist or office manager. You will probably never know who the actual inspector will be, or talk to him/her, much less know the individual qualifications of the inspector, prior to the actual inspection day. Rest assured when you call my office only Brandy, or myself, will answer the phone call, address your questions, book the inspection request, and ultimately perform the actual inspection.

Since the inspection industry is not licensed in California ANYONE can advertise and perform inspections, and as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for".

While the question “What do you charge for a building inspection?" is certainly valid, it should have minimal affect in your overall decision in selecting a qualified inspector. To be sure, home buyers placing too much emphasis on the price of the inspection, much less allowing a low price alone to make/influence their decision are committing a grave (and possibly very costly) error in the home purchase process.

My post-inspection contacts/surveys with my clients have indicated that typically the fee paid for the inspection is recouped at least 5-15 times over either in money credits provided, repairs made, or an overall cost reduction on the selling price of the property. In this light, the price of a building inspection can be thought of as a very cost effective “investment" of sorts, providing very good return for the money spent.

Our minimum rate is $350 for an average single family residence up to 2,500 square feet.  Additional charges will apply to homes exceeding 2,500 square feet and to homes constructed prior to 1960.  Our helpful office staff will provide you with a fixed price when you call in to schedule your appointment.

Please call for a detailed personalized quote for our services.

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If you are shopping for the cheapest inspection fee, I wish you luck in your search. I am not the professional inspector for you!

As the old saying goes “you get what you pay for". The cheapest inspection fee also means the cheapest quality inspection. Is your safety and the safety of your family more important than saving a few dollars?

If you are interviewing professional inspectors based on their experience, qualifications and education, I welcome your call. I will be happy to discuss scheduling and pricing based on your professional inspection needs

For your convenience, my helpful office staff is available to answer your questions regarding my inspection service, scheduling and pricing during normal business hours. I will personally answer after hour’s calls.

B & R Home Inspections services are not expensive, they are priceless!